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Unit is equipped with small, medium & large capacity conventional heavy duty lathes to take up jobs up to 1.5 meter swing & 8.5 meter length.

Drilling Machines

Imported radial Drill Machine of 100 mm capacity is available, beside other small drilling machines. Deep hole drilling of shaft can be done in this machine also.


Two cylindrical grinding machines are used for grinding operation, capacity is to grind up to 1000 dia & 3.6 meter long shaft.


This machine is used for making normal milling & Drilling operation. Adjustable milling head ensures radial hole drilling in shafts & end shields.

Submerged Arc Welding Machines

Two no. Saw machines are available for manufacture of ribbed shafts, these are state of art GTO Controlled machines.

MIG Welding Machines

Fleet of welding machines ensure concurrently many fabrication jobs being taken up in the shop.

Vertical Turret Lathe

Swing 2250 mm. X height 2250 mm. is available for boring operation of frames & other machining work. This machine is fitted with DRO.

Quality Control & Measuring Instruments

Unit has Host of verniers ranging from 200 mm to 3000 mm of Mitutoyo (Japan) make.